Lil Flea,the street carnival came to Delhi

For shopaholics, it had lots of fashionable stuff
For  music lovers, it had Live Bands
For beer lovers, it had affordable Bira
For foodies,it had mouth-watering Dishes!!

You must be wondering is this heaven?
Not heaven but Definitely not less than that.

So here it is,
To rock my boring weekend, I planned to visit the Street Carnival - "The Lil Flea" held on 25th September 2017 at JLN Stadium(Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium).
Let's give you a glimpse !

The Flea Market

In-there, came many small scale industrialists with their unique stuffs which portrayed their talents in an impressive manner.

The carnival was scheduled for 3 days but Rain spoiled it all!! due to which,the stall owners had to bear huge losses, still the way they carried the show with full enthusiasm was commendable!

Most of the visitors came up to enjoy the different colors of this Carnival, all-though the stalls might not have made huge profits, still the show was worth watching.

It had lots of tempting stuff. These cute pin-ups you see the lady selling are so in trend these days.You can use them to Oomph up your boring outfits or flaunt by attaching them to your bags.

Girls!! Missing your area of interest?
Here it is, the Accessories!!
This flea market had a variety of funky bags, earings, glass jewellery and much more than you guys can think of.

 Look at the way these girls are so lost checking out the latest trendy jewellery .These carnivals really are hub to shoppers.I got across this great stall which was offering some unique pieces of jewellery at affordable price.I am too a die-hard fan of adornments! because I feel a simple outfit with a unique piece of jewellery can really do wonders.
      I relished the kind of funky bags these sellers were offering.From jute bags to trendy totes everything was just in this place.

Coming to the Outfits,the carnival had huge collection of prints and colors for everyone from men to women to our tiny tots ,it had it all.

Home Decors

Our Mom's favourite section. No stall was way behind as this part of the market also had amazing stuff to give your home the ultimate make-over. I was attracted towards this section,though I am not too much into buying decors.

Walking through the carnival my camera was amazed with this beautiful stall named "Chatur Chidiyaa". It had the cute birds and the relevant stuff ,which can be used to define your interiors.

These wooden homes show pieces caught everyone's attention. People were busy interacting,bargaining and stealing all the unique stuff. I wish my mom was here! I am sure she must have not left this section until she had shed all her money in buying all the stuff.
   On this breezy day everything was just so perfect ,the decors,the music,the food ,the crowd .It was like this lil flea market came with all the excitement to our town.

The Rock Show
A great weather and music,it is the best combination in the world.Air dancing with melody of the music was mesmerizing.In order to allure our youngsters, 6 rock bands were a part of the show including

  • Prateek Kuhad
  • Tejas Menon
  • Chayan & Smiti
  • Filter Coffee
  • Krishna Marathe and
  • Bombay Djembe Folas

Experimental Food
Here is my favourite part of this carnival, Food Joints!! After day full of shopping and enjoyment the crowd was rushing to the food corners.From Purani Delhi street food to our great cuisines ,millions of mouth watering  and lip-smacking dishes were there from every corner of the world. Due to navratras ,most of the people were fasting but even these people had various options to munch upon.Everyone was enjoying the air of this flea market.

I really admire my decision to way this great flea market.It was named "Lil" but believe me, it was not so!
Apart from all these attractive chores,it had big screens for movie lovers ,a bar and much more.

Fellas,you may have missed it this time,but  make sure you don't miss the "Lil Flea Addition 2".